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Cheviot Products Inc.

1120 – 819 Seaborne Avenue
Port Coquitlam, BC
Canada V3B 0M3

Phone: 800-444-5969


From contemporary to traditional, Cheviot Products offers the highest quality cast iron bathtubs and vitreous china bathroom fixtures. Each piece contributes to the individuality of your personal design.

Why choose a Cheviot Products Cast Iron Bathtub over the others?

Cheviot Products cast iron bathtubs are handmade in Europe (not China) using only the finest materials. The interior is fired with a thick coating of AA grade titanium-based enamel for unparalleled hardness and non-porosity. The extremely durable surface is easy to clean and resistant to stains, bacteria, and other micro-organisms. Cast iron also keeps your bath warm for the longest possible time.

All of Cheviot’s cast iron bathtubs can also be custom-painted to match your favorite paint color, car color or we can even color-match your tile or fabric for a small upcharge.

Cheviot’s Solid Surface Bathtubs ~

Bring together modern design and the largest production technologies. Our engineered solid surface bathtubs make a statement in any bathroom. Finished to a glossy shine by hand, these bathtubs are truly a labor of love! They are designed for a lifetime of enjoyment and ease of maintenance.