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The home of high end British luxury bathroom manufacturing

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Units 2 & 2a, Stamford Street
Amblecote, Stourbridge

P: +44 1384 370 901

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About Us
The Sterlingham Co. Ltd. Are Proud Manufacturers of High Quality Brass Bathroom Accessories, Towel Warmers & Washstands.

All products are 100% Made in England to service the requirements of retailers, architects, and designers within the hotel, residential and marine markets for both the UK and International arenas.

Our philosophy is to design and manufacture hand-crafted products that combine the traditional with the innovative using the best materials and processes to deliver a product that is of remarkable, lasting quality.

The products that we sell are all designed by the company founder Mr Kelvin Pearce. Kelvin has been responsible for designing and bringing to market a number of products over the last 30 years, his knowledge of the industry is impeccable.

Whilst we manufacture and sell successfully our own range of products we are also happy to develop ranges and ideas with retailers, architects and designers. With the deep knowledge within The Sterlingham we truly believe we are a strong partner to have in the design and development stages.


Download Electric Towel Warmer Installation Guidelines

  1. General Information
    1. All measurements are nominal with a finished products tolerance of +/- 3mm.
    2. Heights and widths shown in our brochures or on our website are overall sizes including mounting flanges/plates.
    3. Technical drawings are available on request for all our products standard or bespoke in a number of formats.
    4. For bespoke requests please allow 7 days for drawings. All drawings are the intellectual property of The Sterlingham Company Ltd and may not be used to solicit quotations from elsewhere.
    5. For general care and cleaning guidelines please click here.
    6. The finishes shown in our brochures or on our website are as accurate as reprographic limitations will allow. If you would like to receive a sample of a finish prior to ordering, please contact us.
    7. We reserve the right to make a charge where orders for bespoke towel warmers are cancelled or altered after work on them has commenced and to charge for preparation of drawings for such cancelled orders
    8. Sterlingham Towel Warmers must be installed by a qualified electrician/plumber as appropriate. Damage to the product caused by the installer is not covered by our guarantee.
  2. Electric Only Towel Warmers
    1. i. Electric Cable Element is rated IP67 – for detailed information on this please review IEC 529:1989, BS EN 65029:1992, or speak to you installer for more details.
    2. ii. Our Electric towel warmers are CE Marked and complies with the European Safety Standards EN60335-1, EN60335-2-43 and EN60079-30-2. These cover the essential requirements of EEC Directives 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EEC.
    3. iii. Our towel warmers are available as 230v, 110v, 12v & 24v. Please contact us if you have an alternative requirement.
    4. iv. The supply cable for our electric only towel warmers comes from the rear centre of a wall or floor fixing flange. Which flange and the length of cable is specified by you. In the absence of your instructions otherwise, the default is top left and 1 metre of cable.
    5. v. Our low-energy heating elements are double insulated to satisfy Class II requirements. Class I requirements are met with the addition of a primary and secondary earth.
    6. vi. Numerous tests are conducted so that no low-energy towel warmer leaves our workshop in less than perfect condition. The heating elements are tested underwater to ensure waterproofing. Not that they are ever likely to come into contact with water being housed in the dry environment of the towel warmer. This means that they can be installed close to sources of water jets or sprays.
  3. Hydronic & Dual Fuel Towel Warmers
    1. All dual fuel and hydronic models are pressure tested before polishing, after polishing and after plating to 145 p.s.i (10 bar) to ensure there are no leaks.
    2. Dual fuel and hydronic towel warmers require additional items to be purchased. We recommend high quality valves such as those from Barber Wilsons & Co Ltd. These can be sourced direct or through an alternative supplier or we can order them for you.
    3. In the case of dual fuel models the electric probe element is also a chargeable extra.
    4. As we do not manufacture the dual fuel elements nor the valves required for water/dual fuel warmers we cannot offer quality guarantees on those items other than as stated within the warranty section.
    5. Checks should be made with your local water authority to ensure that the water quality will not cause dezincification of the brass material.
    6. Such towel warmers should not be fitted to a system which uses a water softener. The installer must ensure that the product selected is suitable for the conditions and the water quality.
    7. A manual bleed air vent is fitted to all hydronic and dual fuel models.


New pricing expected Jan., 2020

Manufacturers reserve the right to change their prices without notice and will be updated accordingly on



Low Energy Towel Warmers are covered by the following 10 year guarantee:
Given satisfactory evidence of the date of purchase, we will, during the first ten years, replace or rectify any mechanical fault to the product as a whole without charge. After this time any fault developing in the electric towel warmers heating element will be rectified by replacing it at our works at the nominal cost to the customer of labour and materials. In this instance no attempt must have been made to dismantle the product because of the potential damage to the element rendering it un-testable. In both instances it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange and cover the costs of safe packaging and transportation to and from the workshop.

Hydronic and Dual Fuel Towel Warmers are guaranteed for five years from the date of supply. As we do not ourselves make the electric heaters for Dual Fuel models, in line with the element manufacturer’s warranty we will provide a replacement cartridge heater free of charge if the heater fails within one year of the date of supply.

Bath Fittings (including Washstands): Our workmanship and quality inspection enables us to offer a lifetime guarantee in the hands of the purchaser.

All Products: We will not entertain liability claims for damages to surface finishes resulting from the use of proprietary cleaning materials, normal wear and tear, and any damage caused as a result of misuse, negligence or faulty installation or where a product has been used for purposes other than its intended and normal use.


A return goods authorization must be obtained prior to any merchandise being shipped back to manufacturer. Returns made for reasons other than our shipping error or defects will be subject to a 25% restocking charge. Transportation costs for returns must be paid by the buyer.

Please Note: Requesting an RGA only allows you to return the product and has no relevance nor does it guarantee that a credit will be passed. Any credit to be applied will be determined by the Manufacturer after the inspection of the item/s. All products must be shipped back “Traceable and Insured” and neither Decorative Home Specialists LLC nor the Brand can be held responsible for any damage or loss when shipping back to the factory.

Please fill out the Return Goods Authorization Request Form below:

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Due to the custom nature of many of the products offered on, custom orders that have been put into production cannot be cancelled. If you would like us to see if we can cancel your order, please contact Decorative Home Specialists’ Customer Service right away at 1-888-373-1784 or email us at We will contact the manufacturer and do whatever we can to accommodate your request. By tapping PLACE MY ORDER, you acknowledge that you have read and that you agree to all of the Brand’s policies listed on each Brand’s Product Page.


All custom orders are NON-CANCELABLE / NON-REFUNDABLE and must be paid in full at time of purchase.



UPS and FedEx from Riverhead, NY

*Heated wash stands and most towel warmers ship via a freight line and will arrive on a pallet.


All prices are subject to change without notice.

Receiving Goods
It is important to check the accuracy of your order and the condition of the goods immediately when received. Doing this can help to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, delays or inconvenience.

DO NOT allow any products to be installed that are thought to be unacceptable in any way. We take the view that any product installed will be deemed acceptable by the customer.

Claims and Damages
All goods are inspected before leaving the warehouse, and delivered to the carrier in good order. Shipments become the property of the consignee who assumes the risk of loss or damage in-transit. All claims arising therefrom must be immediately made to the carrier by the consignee. Other claims for variances or shortages will not be considered unless presented within five days after receipt of goods. Buyer agrees to make all claims for goods damaged or lost in transit against the carrier.